The Rhinestone Busboy EP

by Jake McKelvie

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therealbdixfan "I don't live off the land, I just live on top of it" very happy to know jake for he is a very good dude. a true road dog Favorite track: Shift Switcher.
Coraline Seksinsky
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Coraline Seksinsky Jake's new EP is a stellar release that reminds me why I fell in love with his writing in the first place. Favorite track: Shift Switcher.
Rob Romano
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Rob Romano great production, great lyrics, Jake McKelvie has done it again!!! Favorite track: Rhinestone Busboy.
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released December 20, 2016

Recorded by Matt Bacon and Jake McKelvie in July/August 2016

Mastered by Zac Johnson

All songs written and played by JCM


all rights reserved


Track Name: An Hour or More
I'm still on the tired side of living
I still have the tendency to shout
I still shiver every time I touch you
I still have a stutter and a foul mouth

Never mind the fortune that I've gathered
I don't miss the hardware or the store
I have turned my five into a thirty
And then I turned my thirty to an hour or more
Track Name: Shift Switcher
At 2 a.m. after two hours I sign off
And no one has come scrape the dead porcupine
Off the road by your house, where you just kicked me out
'Cause I flat-out can't kiss you with food in my mouth

I flipped my lid for the dead pilot starter
Had breadsticks for breakfast, so now I have heartburn
I figured I'd find her, 'cause nothing's much finer
Than you in your apron and me with my sideburns

So I'm waiting for you to come in and pretend you
Just could not wait up for me, despite your intent to
I thought you were leaving, it's hard to interpret
'Cause the longer you sit there, the prettier the girls get

And all that you need is a kitchen to pine in
A photo to take and a folder to file it in
Now I'm the static while you try to dial in
It says there's a wait if you're planning on dining in

But now imagine my face when the soda exploded
Which, by the way, you were the first one to notice
You said my life's a sitcom and this is a spinoff
And it's pilot season and I just got botox

And you're the shift switcher, I don't want no talk of it
I don't live off the land, I just live on top of it
It's hard but it's certain, it's quick and it's sordid
Commander, come over, come on, it's important

You're here then you're gone
And I caught you flipping around
It's hard when the station is on
And you are the talk of the town
I'll tell ya, it tears me in two
When you choose to dance in my mind like you do
But to tell you the truth
It never got too much to view
Track Name: Fire Breather
There's trouble here clearly, it's large and it's near me
I wish you could hear me, but how can I merely
Go call out to someone I once loved so dearly
And assume that you're not gonna notice

I loved you forever, you're quick and you're clever
I promised I'd never love anyone better
But now I'll abandon this wretched endeavor
And time marches on 'til you find me

I'm a brutal believer, you're a tongue-tied late teether
There's nobody neater, you're my own fire breather
I don't know your name but I don't want to either
And how can you tell that I'm swimming

I don't know if you're reading
A bit too much into the bleeding
But it's true, I would gush two times harder
If that's what you asked me to do
Track Name: Where Does the Time Go, Marissa?
Are you still walking so softly after all of this time?
And whose heart could your heart be if'n your heart isn't mine?
And how do you jumble my head up while you are laying so still?
It's not that I don't want you hunting, it's just I don't want you to kill
Me when I mention this gently, though I'm sure you will when I do
I'm just as hungry as ever but I'm still half as empty as you

So how do you get me to thinking about what I'm sure is in store?
And should I love you a thousand more times, or love you a thousand times more?
I'm not sure who you think you look like, I don't know who you feel you are
But we are surrounded by canyons and broken remote control cars
You say you're not sure if you want me, you say it is too soon to guess
But I quit, this is it, you've forgotten that I am the only one left

But have you considered the option of me laying flat on my back
And crossing the wires on the dimmer so you don't expect my attack
I'm sure that you'll laugh when you read this, I'm sure you will sniffle and squirm
But I am the only survivor of your vicious twenty month term
But where does the time go, Marissa? And what ever took us so long?
And which of us settled the science that proved all my theories so wrong?
I don't suppose that was you
Track Name: Fantasy Team
You took to me on the edge of the surf
You ate too much and your stomach got hurt
Then I sweat like a pig and I ruined my shirt
You were so strong, I admit it

How do I miss you to such a degree?
If you know what you're doing then don't concern me
If I had to suggest you were caught in the tree
And I was below in the cotton

When does the corner turn into a round?
If your siding's so rigid what use is the sound
Of me calling your name when there's no one around
I'm just a sucker for comfort

And it's time for me to leave
To practice my cursive and eat lots of ice cream
And buy a new weight set to leave
In the box that it comes in and draft my new fantasy team
Track Name: Rhinestone Busboy
How could I lose the view of the tattoo on your shoulder?
If I knew you were coming I would have asked for the day off
I thought that you, much like me, would look fifteen years older
But there's no signs of you aging and you don't have a smoker's cough

And so I supposed I would take off my clothes in the kitchen
Which I thought would be funny to you but it just pissed you off
I had presumed that you didn't know what you were missing
But now I know for next time you do and so I should just stop

I'm the rhinestone busboy and you're my persuader
I thought I would have you much sooner than later
Yes, I thought you were mine
But I was mistaken, now your heart is breakin' and I'm next in line

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